Media are an inseparable part of any kind of sport. Without publicity the sporting activities can not shine on the public and most of them would fall into oblivion without possibility of making the sponsorship visible in public media. Therefore the media workers can enjoy extra conditions suited for their work.

Rallies are not exceptional in this. Motoring journalists provide their materials to the wide field of consumers as only a fraction of rally fans watch the rally directly on the place. Media workers bring the action from particular events to the whole world and they are warmly welcome due to the rally promotion and publicity. Therefore they have wider possibilities of moving on the rally route compared to the common spectators. They can stand in front of the tape or find some unusual place for making their pictures. But even the media workers have these extra rights, they are not allowed to stay in dangerous places and endanger the run of the rally! Always have in mind that also the media workers have to respect the rules and instructions of the organizers and route marshals!