In the moment, when the first car was built, the motoring was established. And when the second car appeared, motorsport came into existence. Since that time happened many things – the motoring became one of the key areas of industry and nowadays’ society and the motorsport has shown it has been a “living laboratory” for endless technical development. Since 1904 these areas have been covered by the FIA, which has become the governing body for the world motorsport and world’s largest motoring organisation as well.

Automobile rallies are one of the base motorsport disciplines. They feature sporting side on places, where the most of the cars are “at home” – on the common roads. Rallies and competitions are one of the most popular motorsport area. They attract thousands of fans and spectators without dependency of the rallies being organised on the level of local, regional or the international championships.

The character of rallies, which use for its route opened landscape, terrain and inhabited places in once, puts special demands on the organisation. During the years several safety arrangements made a big step. But it doesn’t mean the motorsport is now 100% safe. This website has been established to help improve basic knowledge in particular safety areas directly related to the rallies and to reduce the potential danger. Because even the best safety arrangements will not work until people at the rally route will have got the appropriate safety knowledge.